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No appointments allowed?

11 March, 2020

  1. No Appointments Allowed? 

The US business community is experiencing the unknown right now.  We are hearing “self -quarantine” and a “highly contagious” virus almost like we are watching a bad movie.   

Employees in many organizations are being asked to work at 凯发游戏登录网址下载网址home, events are being cancelled and “no visitor” signs are being posted on business doors. 

So what should sales people being doing?  They have quotas to make. Their compensation depends on their production.  Business owners must continue on in order to make their annual revenue goals.    

Consider these tips for continued productivity: 

  1. Set up phone call appointments.
  2. Use technology – FaceTime, WebEx, Skype and video conferencing. 
  3. Update your database – ask for cell numbers and additional contact name in case someone is out of the office for an extended period of time.
  4.  Educate clients and prospects through video, online materials, articles and new product information.
  5.  Update all of your social media and post relevant content that educates and assists your contacts. 
  6. Get creative.  Consider meeting people in the parking lot or for a nice walk in the park.
  7.  Work on sales plans, new incentives and strategies so you are ready for recovery.

 Whatever you do, use your time wisely.  Stay visible in your marketplace.  Spread optimism and solutions.  You are still employed and expected to produce revenue this year!     3/11/20