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  No Appointments Allowed?  Phase Two Most of the US business community continues to be on “lockdown”.  We are now very familiar with face masks, social distancing and Zoom videoconferencing.  What we thought may be temporary seems to be dragging on. Employees in many organizations are still working at 凯发游戏登录网址下载网址home, events are being held online if at all and “visitors” are accepted on calls or video.  The in-person meetings may not return for some...  Read More

No appointments allowed?

11 March, 2020

No Appointments Allowed?  The US business community is experiencing the unknown right now.  We are hearing “self -quarantine” and a “highly contagious” virus almost like we are watching a bad movie.    Employees in many organizations are being asked to work at 凯发游戏登录网址下载网址home, events are being cancelled and “no visitor” signs are being posted on business doors.  So what should sales people being doing?  They have quotas to make. Their...  Read More

What We Do to Help Our Clients

13 February, 2019

Leet Cyber Security turns to Denise Horan to increase their pipeline, establish a sales and marketing presence and grow their revenues.                       Case Study  Client:   Leet Cyber Security (;   Albany, NY ...  Read More

What You Didn’t Learn in Law School Impacts Your Ability to Attract Clients   Do you need to attract clients to your legal practice? Unless you have too many clients, you have a marketing problem. Consider the following evidence:   Law schools do not teach marketing. You gained a wealth of knowledge as a law student except how to market that expertise to gain clients. While you’re a legal expert, you’re probably clueless about business development. ...  Read More

Integrated Management & Sales Consulting Announces Twenty Year Anniversary     July 2018 Contact: Denise Horan 518-877-0285   Denise Horan, principal of Integrated Management & Sales Consulting (IMS), is proud to announce an exciting milestone as the company celebrates 20 years in business. Since 1998 Denise has been providing consulting and training services to clients throughout the capital region and nationally....  Read More